Lettrix App is LIVE at Google Play and the App Store

After months of development, we’re proud to announce that the LETTRIX app is now available at both Google Play and the App Store!

Yep! We received notice on Monday that the app was simultaneously accepted to the two stores.

The LETTRIX app is free to download of course. Once you have it and configure your profile (basically your address details), you’re ready to go.

The LETTRIX app allows users to create letters, postcards, and upload images and documents from anywhere in the world, and the LETTRIX team prints, stamps, and mails it to any US destination, from within the US.  Why use LETTRIX?  That’s a fun one to answer:

  • sometimes email just doesn’t cut it! Sometimes a real letter or postcard has that “special touch”
  • no more searching for postcards: create yours with your own images on hour device
  • no more hunting for somewhere to buy stamps
  • no more searching for a mailbox
  • you can send your mail from China, and it is in the US postal system the same, or next day.

Give it a try!

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