How It Works

So let’s imagine you want to send you grandmother a good old fashioned letter while you’re hiking through Spain.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Select your template (letter, postcard, etc.)
  3. Select the photo from your devices photo’s
  4. Write your message
  5. Sign with your real signature
  6. Confirm your “senders” address
  7. Add your recipients address
  8. Preview the letter or postcard
  9. Schedule it to mail in the future, OR send it immediately.
  10. Pay our low fee (see pricing) or pay with Lettrix Credits (bulk purchases)
  11. Submit!

We receive your order instantly, print it on letter paper, then mail it (with a stamp) from one of our growing number of mailing locations, same or next business day.

That’s how simple Lettrix is!