The Lettrix App is FREE!  Download the app and sign up, then complete your profile. Your profile is used for future mailings for the “senders address.”  Here are just a few of our outstanding features:

  • Create custom postcards using your own photos on  your mobile device
  • Create letters in the app
  • Sign with  your own handwriting
  • Save past Recipient Address for future use
  • Build your address book
  • Access contacts in your mobile contacts (varies from IOS and Android versions)
  • Send items with various Sender Addresses (none, your profile, Lettrix address, another address)
  • Add a customized Country/City stamp to show where the item was created
  • Send the same letter or postcard to multiple recipients
  • Letters: the first 5 pages are printed and mailed to one recipient for one low price!
  • Upload PDF’s to be printed and mailed
  • Send via the US Post Office to any US mailing address
  • Send via email (pdf)
  • Mail your items immediately (same or next business day)
  • Select from one of our various fonts for your content
  • Select form one of our font colors for your content
  • Standardized mailing font and layout for consistent mailing configuration