Earn from almost 100 Million Travelers!

Join the Lettrix mission to reach over 100 Million Travelers?

Over 31 Million US citizens travel to international destinations.

Over 61 BILLION pieces of mail were mailed in 2016

There are approximately 8 Million US citizens living overseas!

The Lettrix app is a fantastic tool that saves time, money, and allows its users to flex their creative muscle!

With Lettrix, users no longer have to hunt down stamps, post cards, or even a mail box while they travel! The Lettrix app empowers users to create custom postcards in seconds using their own photos! Lettrix prints and mails to any US destination!

Think of the convenience, and fun! no more searching for the perfect postcard! Now you can pick your favorite pics you took, and with a few clicks, your postcards are done! No need to hunt down postage – we take care of that! And no more searching for a post office or mailbox in an unfamiliar country!

For Business

Need to send a post-meeting thank you card or follow up letter? Business users can open the app, write and send in seconds! Lettrix prints, applies the postage and mails the the card or letter for you!

How It Works

Users download the app and then create custom postcards with their own photos. Lettrix prints, applies first class postage, and mails to any US destination, from the USA!

Users can also write letters, upload PDF’s, and schedule letters or cards for future delivery dates!

How You Earn

With Lettrix Credits, your clients purchase mailing credits at a discount. You earn a commission the sale of the credits! Our list price is $3.00 per postcard or 5 page letter.

Our Credit Packages:

  1. Users save 20% – $12.00 credits (4 postcards) for $10.00! (you earn $2.00 per sale)
  2. Users save 22% – $30.00 credits (10 postcards) for $25.00 (you earn $5.00 per sale)
  3. Users save 25% – $75.00 credits (25 postcards) for $56.00 (you earn $11.20 per sale)

Point your users to this special Lettrix Credits page: Buy Lettrix Credits